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OMÜ owners Ben and Emma White set up White (dental practice) in 2000. Ben has an exceptional reputation for Orthodontic excellence and unrivalled customer service.

The original concept for OMÜ came from a very simple yet fundamental observation – for a 5/10 min orthodontic appointment every month some parents are driving over an hour to pick their child up only to return them to school directly afterwards. Pressure on the pupil to make up any missed work, pressure on the parent to find time in their busy routine.

As parents of three children, at three different schools, in three different counties, this was the lightbulb moment to take our established Orthodontic service to schools.

Who are we?

Dr Ben White
MSc Implants with Distinction (BDS)

Founder and clinical lead

Ben qualified from Bristol University in 1997. Ben and Emma opened their dental practice near Southampton, Hampshire in 2001. Ben started placing implants in 2002 and has carried out extensive post graduate training, in 2012 he passed his MSc in Dental Implantology, with distinction. 

Ben places on average over 300 implants per year. At present over 35 dentists refer their patients to White Dental for Implant placement and restoration.  He provides lectures and training in Dental Implant restoration. Both Ben and Emma provide complimentary dental workshops to schools.

Ben has lectured across Europe providing masterclasses and “live surgery” training in “Teeth in a day” implant surgery for dentists wishing to increase their knowledge in this area. White Dental practice in Hamble is now one of the few accredited Anthogyr Campus Education centres on the south coast.

Emma White
BA (Hons)

Founder and CEO

Emma was formerly an English and Drama teacher and Director of Drama to 11 to 18 year olds. She was also practice manager at White Dental for over ten years.

Our story


"I was really keen to have a brace as my teeth were rather ‘higgledy’ and I wanted to get them sorted for improve my confidence. Having braces changed me as a person. I didn’t want to stop smiling. I felt more confident to smile in photos, to laugh and not to keep my mouth shut. Everybody noticed and told me that my teeth look amazing."


"I smile lots, especially in photos! My teeth are looking so lovely. Thank you Ben."


"When I saw my new smile I instantly felt more confident. I was smiling more. I was smiling with my mouth open, with my teeth showing, instead of a slight grin. It has been a great change for me."


"I was desperate to have braces. I just wanted straight teeth but now I know that it’s much more than that. I didn’t realise what an impact it would have on my confidence. I love my smile thanks to my Dad! "


"Before I had my braces my smile was a 2! It was really bad. Now I’d say that my smile is a 10 – I really love my smile."


"Lots of people say they love my smile. I smile all the time! I’m so happy that I had “braces”. "


"I would 100 % recommend orthodontics to my friends. Ben and the team were so kind and reassuring throughout the whole process. My new smile has given me more of my identity. I love it. Thank you OMÜ."


"The reason I had braces was that when we went on holiday we would take lots of family photos. I never used to smile in them. It was something that I didn’t feel comfortable with. Now, after my braces I smile more. My friends noticed and asked if I’d had my teeth done. I’d definitely recommend OMÜ."


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