Life is busy. So, OMÜ has compiled our top list of FAQ’s and hope that this may help.

If the answer to your question isn’t there you can always drop us a mail or call us as we are always here to help.

Why choose OMU?

We all lead busy lives that is why ease and simplicity is so important. We give you, and your child, a service that makes your daily lives easier by facilitating your child’s dental treatment at school.

1. Your child will miss less time from their important studies.

2. We will give your child a smile that they will love.

3. You will be fully informed throughout all the stages of their treatment.

4. Accessible communication for parents and your children via our OMU app.

5. Your child’s welfare is safeguarded as they remain at school throughout their treatment. All our staff a enhanced DBS checked. 

6. Complementary initial consultations and dental education workshops – our “Teeth Academy”.

7. No hidden costs, plus finance is available.

What if I cannot get to my child’s initial complementary consultation?

Please don’t worry if you are unable to come to the consultation. No decisions about your child’s potential treatment will be made without your consent.

There are many means of contact which could enable you to be part of the consultation – facetime, skype etc. If this isn’t possible we will contact you afterwards at a time that works for you by your preferred mode of contact to discuss potential treatment.

Can I come to my child’s routine appointments?

Of course, you are welcome to attend appointments.

How can I keep track of my child’s treatment?

With ease and convenience in mind we have an application that can be downloaded onto your phone that keeps track of all child’s updates in treatment.

If you wish to call us to discuss treatment then please do so. We are always here to help.

How does my child book the next appointment?

It is simple. Once your child has had their routine appointment their Treatment coordinator will book the next appointment on the bus.

How does my child know when their next appointment is?

All routine appointments are booked on the bus. Their school will have a list of all subsequent appointments (with your consent) plus the app on their phones will notify them of their next appointment should they forget.

When and where will the appointments take place?

This is a decision that your child’s school will make. All appointments place on the school grounds. We try, as much as possible, to have a regular time and place where we undertake consultations and treatment. Our aim is to ensure that they miss as little time from lessons as possible.

How will my child be excused from lessons?

Every time we book another routine appointment the school will be given the updated list so your child is aware that they may need to be excused from a lesson.

We follow each schools protocol about absence from lessons. 

How does the OMU application work?

You can download the app onto your phone. It is a very simple system that keeps track of appointments and treatment. If you need assistance just ask.

How will my child be safe guarded?

Pupils welfare is safeguarded as they remain on site throughout their treatment. All our staff have an Enhanced DBS Check.

How will you help nervous children?

We are highly experienced in working with children who have dental phobias or are indeed simply anxious about the thought of dental treatment. Our staff are highly trained in helping children work through any anxiety. We will have a Treatment coordinator who will be with your child through their journey. They will be able to able to contact them for advice or indeed a little chat if they are worried about anything.

What happens to my child’s treatment during the Summer holiday?

Please don’t worry if there is a longer duration between appointments during the summer. It will not affect your child’s treatment. If your child is in pain then please contact us for advice.

What is the teeth academy?

It is a workshop designed to help children to look after their teeth and gums for life.

We educate them about making health food and drink choices and show the children how to clean their teeth to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. We do this through various games, quizzes and oral health education from our hygiene therapists. We promise you that they are lots of fun, plus being educational too.

As part of the service our OMU bus does “Teeth Academy” workshops at schools with pupils undertaking Orthodontic dental treatment with us. However, the “Teeth Academy” workshops are open to all pupils –for pupils with or without braces!

If you would like us to come to your school to do a complementary “Teeth Academy” workshop we’d be happy to visit you. Do ask your school to contact us and we’ll do the rest.

What benefits will this give to my child?

1. We will teach your child how to care for their teeth and gums

2. What foods/drinks to avoid or have in moderation to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

3. We will endeavour to ensure that children understand the importance of good dental health for life

What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment (usually with braces) is most often used to improve the appearance and alignment of crooked, protruding or crowded teeth, and to correct problems with the bite of the teeth.

What benefits can orthodontics give your child?

  • correction of dental crowding and straightening of teeth
  • correction of your child’s bite so the front and back teeth meet evenly 
  • reducing the chance of damage to prominent teeth
  • increased self-confidence. Being happy to smile without covering teeth, smiling in photos etc.

At what age should my child have orthodontic treatment?

Children can have orthodontic treatment from around the age of six onwards. It depends on the individual child.

What does orthodontic treatment involve?

Our OMU process is very simple.

  • Book a complimentary consultation. During this consultation we will get to know your child to understand reasons for wanting “Braces”.
  • They will meet our Orthodontist who and will write a treatment plan to best suit the needs of your child.
  • We will discuss how you and your child feel about the treatment plan and will fully explain what the process will involve including fees and various payment options
  • Then, if you choose to have treatment with OMU we will the book the “brace” fit appointment and from then on there will be subsequent routine appointments lasting approximately 5/10 minutes
  • Then, “braces” off. We will have a review appointment to check that everyone is happy.

On average how long does treatment take?

The length of treatment depends on how complex the treatment is. On average most people can be treated in eighteen months to two years

How often are the appointments?

Routine appointments are approximately every four to six weeks

Are there any additional costs if treatment takes longer than expected?

No, investment costs are based upon the treatment itself not the length of time that the treatment takes. The only possible additional cost is if your child loses their retainer.

Will it hurt?

All appliances may feel strange at first, and can cause discomfort. If the problem doesn’t go away, the orthodontist will be able to carry out adjustments to help. Teeth are usually uncomfortable immediately after a brace has been adjusted, but this will settle.

How do I help my child to care for their teeth and gums whilst having the treatment?

We check your child’s dental health at every routine appointment. They do need to take extra care of their gums and teeth that is why we your child will be taught how to look after them carefully and to use the dental aides in their “brace” bag to help.

  • Clean their teeth carefully every day, including between their teeth where they can. Braces are delicate and they need to make sure they clean them carefully so that they do not break. Our OMU dental team will be able to show your child the special techniques to use depending on the appliance they are wearing.
  • Cut down on how often your child has sugary foods and drinks. Avoid snacks and drinks containing sugars, and fizzy drinks. Also, sticky and hard foods may damage your brace.
  • Brush your teeth for two minutes – twice a day. Always last thing at night.

How successful are braces?

Orthodontic treatment usually works very well, but your child will need to be patient for it to be successful.

1. Your child will need to wear a retainer for some time after treatment has finished to stop your teeth moving back to the position they were in before treatment. There are different types of retainers, which can be either removable or fixed onto the teeth.

2. Braces can trap food and cause more plaque to build up than usual, so you'll need to take extra care with cleaning teeth. Your child will also need to watch what they eat – for example, avoiding sugary foods and drinks.


"Before I had my braces my smile was a 2! It was really bad. Now I’d say that my smile is a 10 – I really love my smile."


"I smile lots, especially in photos! My teeth are looking so lovely. Thank you Ben."


"The reason I had braces was that when we went on holiday we would take lots of family photos. I never used to smile in them. It was something that I didn’t feel comfortable with. Now, after my braces I smile more. My friends noticed and asked if I’d had my teeth done. I’d definitely recommend OMÜ."


"I was desperate to have braces. I just wanted straight teeth but now I know that it’s much more than that. I didn’t realise what an impact it would have on my confidence. I love my smile thanks to my Dad! "


"I was really keen to have a brace as my teeth were rather ‘higgledy’ and I wanted to get them sorted for improve my confidence. Having braces changed me as a person. I didn’t want to stop smiling. I felt more confident to smile in photos, to laugh and not to keep my mouth shut. Everybody noticed and told me that my teeth look amazing."


"Lots of people say they love my smile. I smile all the time! I’m so happy that I had “braces”. "


"I would 100 % recommend orthodontics to my friends. Ben and the team were so kind and reassuring throughout the whole process. My new smile has given me more of my identity. I love it. Thank you OMÜ."


"When I saw my new smile I instantly felt more confident. I was smiling more. I was smiling with my mouth open, with my teeth showing, instead of a slight grin. It has been a great change for me."


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